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As an Artist

My name is Elena Suto. I was born in 1973 in the far north of Russia (Murmansk), beyond the Arctic Circle, in the land of permafrost, the northern lights, polar nights and days ... in the land where winter lasts most of the year, and warm summers are a rare guest. I always loved the warmth and the sun and dreamed of living in the land of eternal summer. And my dream came true when I came to Australia (Brisbane), to the edge of eternal summer and the warm ocean.

I am a self-taught artist and I have enjoyed drawing from an early age but never took my talent seriously. Until June 2017, during my process of spiritual awakening, when I felt the urge to express myself in creativity, I decided to join an art class, which was led by an Old Russian artist living in Brisbane, who introduced me to oil painting. Six months of his classes gave me the basic knowledge of impressionism. In 2018, I started a "How to paint an ocean" course and this completely changed my technique and style.

I realized that I prefer to paint nature, using cool colour palettes. Since then, I have been perfecting my technique with every new painting.I have a happy, positive personality and creating process brings me joy and peace, it's like an art therapy for me. Mixing colours is like witchcraft for me, I feel like a magician who does not know exactly what the result of her magic will be this time. When I paint, I turn on beautiful music and light incense and immerse myself in the magical world of creation, conveying my mood through beauty of colours.

Experience My Oil Paintings
Love, Joy and Peace

My inspiration

My artwork is inspired by the beauty of an Australian nature: trees, the ocean, sky colours and reflections on the water. All this is filled with such positive, peaceful energy, which I try to convey through my paintings. I am using a lot of blue, turquoise, green, indigo and violet in my painting process, which resonate with me personally and it turns out to be a calming therapeutic effect on those who look at my paintings.

My Art Idea

What does your soul crave about in this busy world, full of stress and uncertainty? Peace? Joy? Blissful silence and connection with nature? If your answer is “Yes” then you could find it in my paintings, which are filled with positive peaceful energy and I am happy to share it with you.

The world around is so amazing that it's hard to succumb to the temptation to transfer this beauty to the canvas. I love when people around me become happier and their eyes are illuminated by their inner light. I would love people to stop when they look at my paintings and “wake up”, reveal their best self.

My Medium

Until the end of 2017, I tried everything I could: watercolour, pastel, acrylic, pencils, etc. Then I realized that Oil painting become my strong passion and since 2018 I am using oil in my painting projects.

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