111 Transparency of Being
SKU: 111_Transparency_of_Being

Finished on the 23th of September 2020

Media: Oil

Size: 55.9 x 81.3 x 4 cm

Painting Style: Mysterious

Frame Details: Unframed / Stretched on deep edge canvas (painted edges), can be hung as is or framed by purchaser.

This painting was inspired by a photo of my Facebook friend who lives in New South Wales (Australia) and leaves for work in the early morning, often witnessing a foggy sunrise.

The scene looked so mystical that I could not resist and depicted it adding something from myself. :)

The web is a symbol of human frailty. Thanks to the spiral shape, it also carries the idea of ​​creation and development - the wheel and its center. The web of life, fate and time is woven by divine powers. It is a cosmic plane with a divergence of spatial components from the center. The radial rays of the web are the essential principle, and the circular ones are the existential and analogous. The spider in the center of the web. He can personify both the life-giving Sun surrounded by rays, the lunar cycle of life and death in the material world, or the Wheel of Samsara with death in the middle. At the same time, the center is often perceived as the focus of the original Chaos.

Usually, the Purple butterfly is difficult to find and it means “divine intervention.” When you are facing a lot of problems, it seems like everything is lost and you can’t find the right path, seeing a purple butterfly will encourage you that there is always a light on the road that will show you its good side.

A transparent mystical fairy acts as the savior of butterflies, releasing them from the captivity of the web. We see her in the foggy sunrise, but as soon as the fog clears, it will dissolve into the air.

This picture is deeply symbolic and everyone will see something of their own in it.

For me, the spider web symbolizes the lies that we are surrounded by, in which we are all stuck and trying to break free and find a way to our own truth.

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Dimension (L x W x H) 56 x 81.3 x 4 Centimetre
Weight 1 Kilogram


Frequently Asked Question ---

Where is the best place to hang oil paintings?

Oil paintings do not like direct sunlight. An ideal place for them is a room with ambient lighting. Incandescent bulbs also adversely affect the quality of the painting. Varnish of course protects the paint, but not to that extent. Under the direct sun, it could begin to fade.
Never hang a picture near a stove/oven - it will be very difficult to clean a picture from soot. Air temperature changes may “kill" the painting. Please, do not hang the painting close to the heating appliance. Due to constant exposure to high temperatures, paint may start to crack.

Can I put oil paintings under glass?
How to clean oil paintings?
What should I do if painting on canvas start to slack?

This happens with humidity changes in the rooms. Do not be afraid of this. Place painting on a flat, clean surface with the image down, and wipe the back of canvas with a wet cloth. You do not need “to fill the painting with water”, make sure that the water does not flow from the rag in streams and that no puddles form on the canvas. Just slightly moisten with water - the canvas will immediately stretch evenly. It is necessary to leave the painting in this position until it is completely dry. If this procedure was not enough, then you need to contact a specialist in a framing workshop.


What to do if a dent has formed on the canvas?
What if I like a particular painting but it is not the size I require?
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